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Brand-new products direct from manufacturer for consumers at low economical prices.

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Need an innovative solutions to move excess inventory? Solving Products has the solution.

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We work with your distributors and customers for a single location for all of your returns. Rapid sorting, counts and approvals for your RMAs.


Complete testing procedures for every product. Complete with sanitizing, testing and repacking. Your Brand's integrity is extremely important and quality is held to the highest standard.


Complete warehouse solution for all storage, picking and packing. With over 20 years of warehouse experience, we make sure customers, distributors and all of our partners are satisfied.


A full E-Commerce solution to help you resell your tested and certified product. We're partnered with leading online retailers to reach millions of future customers.

Customer Service

We handle all customer services issues and trouble shooting for all the products we process. We handle it, so you don't have to. All products ship with a 1 year Extended Service so that all customers are protected.

Packaging Design

Use our design team to design all aspects of the product packaging. From box sizes to box art. Use our designers to help maintain your Brand Identity and to distinguish a refurbished product from a new

Business Intelligence

Receive deep insights on reasons for your returns. Discover design flaws, software issues, and structural weaknesses. Use this info to further improve on your product and minimize future returns


Lets help the enviornment! Saving product returns decreases the amount of product that ends up in a landfill. Let's find better homes for our products.

According to a study by Accenture, "U.S. Consumer Electronics Industry Faces a Projected $17 Billion Product Returns Bill This Year, Accenture Research Finds" Customers returning electronics products will cost U.S. consumer electronics retailers and manufacturers nearly $17 billion, an increase of 21 percent from 2007 to 2011. This creates a significant opportunity for companies to separate themselves from their competitors and cut costs by pro-actively reducing their returns. These high return rates can easily be seen as unsustainable to a company that does not have a returns plan in place, in an industry sector where competition is always growing and margins are razor thin. Thus, having a comprehensive returns plan can be an opportunity to separate yourself from competitors and become your advantage. Utilizing our suite of services, RMI can customize a pro-active returns plan that will prevent returns and streamline your existing returns process.


only 5 percent of returns are related to actual product defects


27 percent of consumer returns are attributed to buyer's remorse


68 percent of returned products are characterized as "No Trouble Found" when the product was tested against relevant specifications


100% of businesses are affected negatively if they do not have a plan for their returned products.

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